Winter Fixtures
The Winter fixtures for the Gents have been set up in ClubV1 but may have to be reworked due to moving goals posts that is the World Handicap System and Scottish Golf’s drip feed of information.
All Competitions during the Winter will need to be
non-counting as we will not be p-laying on a measured course and we will be using mats on all par 3 tees and fairways. Note there will be no winter handicaps and we will be swapped over the WHS on November the 2nd 2020.  As it stands right now with no slope for the ever changing winter course we would need to play off the unadjusted index.
There will be 19 rounds of Gents Winter Competitions on a Saturday from November through to March. We plan to run a league of sorts with 50 points to 1st every week, 45 points to second through to 5 points for 20th place. The player with the most points at the end of the year will be the winner. This will run concurrently with the weekly Competition winners.
The Christmas Competition will be held on the 12th of December where Christmas attire should be worn.
The Sair Heid Competition will be held on the 2nd of January and the format has still to be decided.
Date TBC ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 7.30 PM – Date to be confirmed due to COVID Restrictions
World Handicap System (WHS)
Please see the latest USGA Slope ratings for Kintore Golf Club attached.
New Sprinkler System – Update
Good progress – Pumping System due for Installation Jan / Feb 2021
Plan is to have the system up and running for the start of the season